Remote Lab: Windows 8

Support note:  Microsoft has an issue with the Remote Desktop App and the copy\paste function.  If you need copy\paste, please follow the instructions for Windows to use the web interface with IE.

Step 1: Go to to setup your user account to use Remote Lab. (this is only required once a semester or when you change your Access account password)

Step 2:
 Go to your Windows Store and search for the Microsoft Remote Desktop app


Step 3: Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop App and Configure the Gateway by going to "Use a Remote Desktop Gateway server"


Step 4: Setup the RemoteLab settings by going to "Access RemoteApp and Desktop Connections"


Step 5: Available RemoteLab services will be populated ...please select the service which you want to use  (example below

Enter your credentials: Example: psu-erie\abc123
Note: Any prompts for credentials need to have psu-erie\ included prior to your username.

Step 6:
Log off your remote session when finished

For support please contact:
Phone: Hammermill Help Desk: 814-217-4357