Remote Lab: Linux - Available systems


Step 1: Go to to setup your user account to use Remote Lab. (this is only required once a semester or when you change your Access account password)

Step 2:     
-Configure and connect VPN. 

This article covers:

  1. Installing a VPN Client.
  2. Configuring the VPN client to connect to ISP to PSU.
  3. Connecting to the VPN client.

NOTE: This article was written based on an Ubuntu system, but should be directly applicable to any system using GNOME and NetworkManager; it should be possible to infer the procedure for most other systems. 

    1. Open the Applications menu.
    2. Open the Accessories submenu.
    3. Click Terminal.
    4. Type the following command:
      • If you have a Debian-based system
        • sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc
      • If you have a Red Hat-based system
        • sudo yum install network-manager-vpnc
    1. If prompted, enter your system password.
    2. If prompted, confirm changes.
    3. Close the Terminal window.
    1. Open the System menu.
    2. Open the Preferences submenu.
    3. Click Network Connections.
    4. Click the VPN tab.
    5. Click Add.
    6. Select Cisco Compatible VPN
    7. Enter the following settings
      • Connection name: ISP to PSU
      • Gateway:
      • Group name: psuconnect
      • Group password: Saved
      • Group password: psuconnect
      • User name: Enter your Penn State Access ID (xyz123) here.
    1. Click Apply.
    1. Click the Network Manager icon.
    2. Open the VPN Connections submenu.
    3. Click ISP to PSU
    4. Enter your Penn State Access Account Password.

Step 3:      -In Program Menu choose Internet --> Terminal Services Client or from a command line type tsclient &

Step 4:     -In the Computer field ...enter one the
available systems listed below.
-Enter your credentials:

Username: Your Penn State Access ID
Password: <Leave Blank>
Domain: psu-erie
Client Hostname: <Leave Blank>
Protocol file: <Leave Blank>

Step 5: Log off your remote session when finished

Note:  iTAP RDP client can be purchased, downloaded, and installed to simplify connectivity to RemoteLab

For support please contact:
Phone: Hammermill Help Desk: 814-217-4357

Available Remote Lab systems: (updated every 5 mins)